Message from the Chairman

In the early Seventies, the concept of "Educational Travel" started by a group of local aspiring university students, who were members of the Hong Kong Federation of Students, the original founders of Hong Kong Student Travel (HKST) Limited, had the passion to travel and explore the world. The new generation of HKST, a group of experienced Educational Travel specialist, continues to carry the ethos "To Serve Students and Youths" as its mission, to promote student and youth travel through education and cultural exchange. The success of HKST today, spread across China and all corners of the globe, is attributed to its determination to bring forth the rich diversity of international programs and products, from a small travel department within the Hong Kong Federation of Students, HKST has developed into a very large Group of Companies comprising of key divisions to become the most popular and used student and youth travel Organization.

Having experienced the ups and downs, and overcoming the many phases of adversity, HKST continues to achieve some amazing feats, leading outstanding overseas Chinese youth on a mission to break the Guinness Book of World Records for "The Millennium Dragon Dance on the Great Wall of China". Among other historical and memorable events HKST and all of the people in Hong Kong witnessed and experienced: Hong Kong's Reunification to China, Beijing Olympic Games, Shanghai Expo, East Asian Games in Guangzhou and the summer Universiade in Shenzhen will never be forgotten. But the real challenges and difficult times ahead due to changes in our Education system and Society in general, HKST aims to continue to encourage and support the new generation of young people and students in their quest to meet these challenges.

Forty years of trials and tribulations, appeared a thing of the past. With the rapid changes and development in our society as a whole, HKST under the current environment, with its solid foundation, unique proposition, branding, clear directions & creative awareness, coupled with dedicated and professional services, have overcome all these challenges, with each day striving to become the market leader in the industry.

Looking at the future, with Hong Kong and the Global Economic downturn having a serious impact, HKST and companies from all sectors will face a new wave of challenges. Nevertheless, HKST is confident and equipped to deal with these difficulties. With the World Financial crisis having a ramification of great proportions, HKST Group continued its development and invested with the acquisition of Guangdong Overseas Education Services (GOES), this shows HKST has the courage, confidence, ability and a determination to strive to be the best. We strongly believe, overcoming these challenges, will enable HKST to a world of opportunities.

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